The FADER - "your next astro-soul obsession"
BBC Radio - “number 1 ep of the week”
Office Magazine - “we're ready to immerse ourselves in whatever more they have to offer”
Pigeons & Planes - “a refreshing twist on r&b.”
HYPEBEAST - “the trp is pushing the envelope”
MTV - “stop what you're doing and stream the trp's soak ep”
Billboard ~ “the trp are garnering buzz for their soundscapes: a fusion of tropical electronic, soul and trippy hip-hop"
Milk ~ “the trp's music has amassed a large underground following”
Mass Appeal ~ “the trp allows the imagination to run wild & free”
Notion ~ “the trp are set to flip the game on its head”
HillyDilly ~ “narcotizing, forward-thinking sound”
NicheMusic ~ “ミステリアスなr&bの断片!”
High Clouds ~ “the trp is one of those innovators”
Saint Heron ~ “a stratosphere of organic and experimental sounds with sublime euphonious journeys. from the mollifying r&b inflections to the futuristic accents [...] an avant-garde musical excursion”