"Alluring, Fragrant, Experimental R&B"




"The Trp is Pushing the Envelope."




"The Trp Are Garnering Buzz For Their Soundscapes: A Fusion Of Tropical Electronic, Soul And Trippy Hip-Hop"





"The Trp Allows the Imagination to Run Wild & Free"




"narcotizing, forward-thinking sound"

"from the 5th dimension"




"A Refreshing Twist on R&B."

"The Trp's Music Has Amassed a Large Underground Following."




"The Trp are set to flip the game on its head."








"The Trp is one of those innovators"

"A Stratosphere of Organic and Experimental Sounds with Sublime Euphonious Journeys. From the Mollifying R&B Inflections to the Futuristic Accents [...] an Avant-Garde Musical Excursion."